Rubber Roofing

We do install EPDM.

Flat/Low Slope Roofing

Many residential houses have a roof with little or none inclination, they are more prone to leakage of water, and the Ice or snow cannot take off from the roof same as pitched roofs. A common mistakes are made by poor workmanships. on the installations of the low slope roof products always require a quality materials and a good labor.

Product for flat roofs

EPDM- are the most common roofs for the flat areas, a extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing made of ethylene  and propylene, delivered from oil and natural gas, widely used on low-slope buildings in the United States and worldwide.

Typically the rubber roof is better to install on flat roofs. And Flat roofs require a lot of maintenance. If is not installed properly. Low slope roofing will last up to 15 or less, a quality workmanship well last to 30 years ore more.