Roofing replacement is more than just nailing down shingles. Today, effective roofing relies on advanced material technology and an integrated system approach aimed at protecting your biggest asset, which is you home.

Installing a new shingle roof is a huge commitment, so must understanding the entire re-roofing process from start to finish can be highly beneficial to you as a homeowner. From questions about the cost involved, also knowing the installation procces.

Watch out for, there’s a lot of information that you need to familiarize yourself with if you want a successful replacement with no costly surprises along the way.

The most common and least expensive roofing material in the United States. Are asphalt shingles and is easy to install and come in variety of styles and colors, working well with many architectural styles, especially traditional suburban styles. Lightweight and fire-resistant, asphalt shingles can be installed over an existing roof. Depending on location, quality of material and installation, protection for your home, shingle roofs last anywhere from 15 to 25 years for three-tab, 25 to 50 years for architectural. with a full warrantee from GAF brands.

Fortunately Watertight Contractor Inc. can handle the way better, your roof projects.
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