The gutters on a home are one of the most important safety features any home can have. However, without them, a home is at risk to water damage and soil erosion around the foundation due to the runoff that comes off of the roof. When they are properly installed most systems are fairly attractive and unobtrusive, but there are seamless options that add a little more aesthetic appeal and are more durable and functional than traditional gutters.
Eliminating Potential Leaks

Installing seamless gutters eliminate the risk of leaks around the home.
A seamless system is typically more durable than sectional gutters. This means fewer bent and broken sections from falling branches. The joined sections of traditional gutters are weak spots that make them very vulnerable to being pulled apart or having sections torn off if they are hit by limbs or branches. Seamless pieces are made from a single piece of metal with no weak spots to worry about.
Adding More Style

Seamless systems are custom designed for each home as they are installed, so they always fit perfectly. Seamless gutters require specific tools and knowledge to install, so they are often more expensive to install. That expense is returned to the homeowner over time as the system will last than most sectional gutters and the average homeowner will spend much less on gutter repair. Anyone who wants a gutter system that is less likely to clog, break, or leak should choose seamless designs.